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Differentiate your business, generate press, attract customers and engage talent

The days of traditional, self-promoting advertising are over. Today, you must grab hold of a cause that reflects your company values and dive in. It’s time to adjust your marketing and recruitment dollars.

Our planet’s health is the foundation that cradles all other causes. If our planet is in ruins, the effects radiate through humanity. Health, hunger and habitat are each effected in tremendous was through earth’s climate and if we continue on our current path of reckless burning of fossil fuels we will most certainly see these issues worsen.

Basic Benefits Included:

  • Company logo at all Speaking Engagements (at least 1/month)
  • Promoted with sponsors during every phase in the production of “Rise of the Fall” movie and name in credits once the film is complete.
  • Promoted with sponsors on The Rally Earth Daily – A leading resource for global sustainability, renewable energy and climate change information
  • Active contribution to World’s Largest Renewable Energy Audience funneled to the Sponsor Page
  • Recognition on our RENEWVATE projects page
  • Company logo on project websites, such as AiR
  • Business listed on the Business Sponsor Directory.
  • Profile on Pledge Map with: logo, links, business details, photos and shearing links. See Example.
  • rally_earth_sponsor_badgeSponsor badge for your web site and digital marketing.
  • Write it off – Because we are a for-profit, we can promote your business, and because you receive promotional services in return for your support, your contributions are subject to a tax deduction!!! (see Category 2 business deductions provided in Publication 535). In fact, read this article to see why this could benefit you more than a charity write-off.
  • BONUS:Up to 30 minutes of 1-on-1 consulting each month with founder, Craig Tilley. ($75/mo VALUE). Plus 25% discount on design and creative services from Limited to first 50 sponsors

Linked Websites

Here are a few places we are linked. Your logo or a link to the Sponsor Wall with your logo will be included on these sites.

Air - Art in Response
The goal with AiR is to utilize the power of art to illustrate the research and technologies that will heal our planet. Whether performance art, dance, theater, music, photography, illustration, film, opera or any other form of artwork, we feel art is the most valuable tool in connecting the entire world with the issues of climate change.
Rally Earth Business Sponsor Directory
Get on the directory to enhance your worldwide presence. A great SEO boost to differentiate your business, generate press, attract investors and engage talent.
Renewable Energy World
The World's #1 Renewable Energy Network for News & Information with an audience of 400,000-plus monthly readers and 125,000-plus subscribers.
The Climate Reality Project
As a Climate Reality Leader, our founder, Craig Tilley, provides services from the Climate Reality Project center as a presenter and community leader.
The Rally Earth Daily
A leading resource for global sustainability, renewable energy and climate change information. Today's stories and statistics on the climate crisis, this resource is a must read for thousands of viewers each day.
The Rally Earth Pledge Map
Newest addition to the arsenal of digital communications. A destination to plot our sponsors directly on an interactive map of the world. Good for promotion and SEO linking back to our partners sites.


My goal and interest is to bring solid, proven data to the public so they can become more aware and make informed decisions about energy and the future of the climate.

Thank you for listening,

Craig Tilley, Founder & Chief Creative Officer

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CAll for Next Speaking Engagement

Your company profile is present at each presentation.

As a certified Climate Reality Leader, educated under former Vice President Al Gore, Craig Tilley gives monthly presentations on the climate and new innovations that are fighting the crisis and shining new light on our planet. Your company profile will accompany him on these presentations in handouts and a sponsor wall board.




What’s So Different About Rally Earth?

  1. While supporting a single organization is a noble act, supporting Rally Earth helps numerous organizations and provides awareness campaigns along side.
  2. We exchange value in return for your support and this value is an important asset to your marketing budget.
  3. Combining the digital and physical world brings your business the recognition on a scale never offered before. Reach the world’s #1 renewable energy website, engaged presentation attendees and reach passionate customers around the world.


Rally Earth Pledge

Our goal is to deliver value in exchange for your support. If at any time, you wish to discontinue your support, you may do so with no questions asked.



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